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Combo Brows

Often called Hybrid Brows, combination brows marry a powder brow with the look of a hair stroke brow together. The results are a beautiful set of brows with elegant depth and dimension. The brow hair strokes are meticulously etched into the skin either manually or with a tattoo machine. The hair strokes nestle within the existing brow hair following your natural growth pattern. Then, delicate shading is added in a complementary, slightly lighter color to form a backdrop. This is also an excellent choice for clients without brows, as the finished look is hyperrealistic and never overdone. At Ink and Arrow, we never apply cookie-cutter brow patterns. We work with the client to design a brow shape and pattern that best complements natural features.

Combination Brows are a 2-session process. In addition, as the treatment is two steps, the session takes slightly longer than other brow procedures. Clients are kept comfortable throughout service with topical anesthetic.

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