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Powder (Ombre) Brows

What are

Ombre Brows

Skin condition, tone and type dictate the best possible eyebrow treatment for clients. The beauty of the powder/ombre brow eyebrow permanent makeup treatment is that it is suitable for all. It is your go-to where other treatments may not be best for you. A powder brow is exactly as it sounds. It is a soft, elegant eyebrow cosmetic tattoo skillfully applied with top-of-the-line tattoo equipment and all-natural, vegan, pigments. A powder brow and an ombre brow differ only in one way; that is that the brow front and upper contour are graduated in an ombre effect, whereas a powder brow is more consistent from front to tail. Clients may opt for crisply defined contours or soft diffused edges. It is a beautifully customizable treatment that is immensely popular owing to its versatility. If at any point you later decide to add some hair strokes to your look, it is easily done. Powder/Ombre brows last several years, with only color boosts recommended annually.

ombre brow eyebrow permanent makeup

Powder Brows Work

powder brows healing process
healed powder brows
ombre powder brows near me
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